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The need to get modern upholstery is getting on board; our reasonable variety of upholstery allows a comfortable sitting space without compromising on luxurious interior looks. Contact our professionals to get our instant services in UAE.

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Our professionals claim that our luxurious upholstery is created by keeping in mind the modern-technology methods for upholstery Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & UAE. That is why it does not aggravate back aches; instead, this modern design keeps you safe from sudden aches.

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Stop searching for the best upholstery, come to us for quick and budget-friendly upholstery services; our enthusiastic team covers the entire UAE.

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Redefine your style and comfort by getting your furnishing accessories upholstered by our specialized crew. Our restoration service is meant to restore the look of your luxury sets, enhancing the overall comfort and aesthetics. With the potential fixing of any defiled or defaced furnishing equipment, you can get a renewed piece for your indoor and outdoor area styling.

Select the desired fabric, pattern, texture, and layout for visual enhancements to upholster a furniture piece. Also, you can choose from a wide range of modern & traditional layouts for the upholstery fabrics. Our re-fabrication, re-covering, reupholstering, and alteration services are the cost-effective solutions.

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The online availability of our experts is around the clock so that you can avail of our good reupholster services at the time of requirement. Our team is always available during working hours, so you do not have to face any difficulty booking upholstery services.


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New Design of Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers

Pillow covers add a finishing touch to the interior of the place. Enhance the appearance of your sitting environment with our endless, luxurious range of covers for your sofa cushions that carries a reasonable price limit.

Best Design of Arabic Majlis

Arabic Majlis

Creating an eye-catching appreciable sitting theme is tricky. We provide the best range of customized sofa sets and upholstery with a long design list to flawlessly create a beautiful interior look for your Arabic majlis in Abu Dhabi.

Luxury Design of Headboards

HeadBoards Upholstery

Our passionate team offers every upholstery service, including different headboard upholstery fabric textures, to cover your furniture within a reasonable price limit to meet your requirements.


Affordable & Hassle-Free Sofa Repair Services in Abu Dhabi

We understand the trouble upholstery faces after some years, and for your convenience, we have introduced new sofa repair Abu Dhabi services for your sofa upholstery. Our professional staff follows expert techniques to add life to your upholstery at a budget-friendly price limit.

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The search for sofa upholstery near me is getting at its peak in UAE because everyone appreciates our modern technology services for upholstery that come with an attractive price sticker.

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Our upholstery services have a different fan base with positive reviews and endless recommendations. We provide leather Headboard upholstery with your single tap at your doorstep. Our chair and sofa upholstery Abu Dhabi cost is reasonable, so there is no need to hesitate before booking our services. We offer a variety of sofa fabrics to get you an enhanced interior look.

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Upholstery contains the entire material except for the furniture frame. This includes the webbing, padding, springs, foam, and the fabric that covers the upholstery to add an elegant interior theme to the place. The fabric should luxuriously cover the entire furniture so that you can enjoy a comfortable sitting, and this measurement will add a plus to the furniture’s durability.

A huge variety of upholstery is getting updated with time, so it is better to observe the factors and get the type of sofa upholstery that suits the entire requirements of your taste and interior. The most loveable upholstery is leather or velvet because it is durable and perfectly matches every interior module.

The professional chair upholstery cleaning methods of our shop include steam cleaning mainly; this is also termed hot water extraction. This means that the hot water is injected into the furniture upholstery material, so the unwanted particles get on top, and then vigorous vacuuming is used to catch them.

It is better to get it removed, but if the new fabric is darker than the old one, you can let it go as it is. Adding a dust cover on the fabric is recommended so that no stubborn dust particles get trapped inside the upholstery to leave you in trouble.

The best DIY technique for removing stains from the upholstery includes vinegar. Vinegar is a natural agent used to remove unwanted stubborn stains from the furniture upholstery, especially if the hot water remedy does not work. Now, you can get chemical-free cleaners for the daily cleaning your furniture upholstery.