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Doorways always come with specific height and width measures; only some of the doors fit perfectly to place. Our highly functional custom made wooden door is designed to get fixed into the space properly. We provide a cost-effective, secure wooden door design range with elegant shade options to enhance the interior theme of the entire building.

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We are the leading wooden door manufacturer in UAE that is focused on serving high-quality but affordable Custom Made wooden gate services with a single tap. You must always pay attention to the functionality of our Custom Made wooden door. It not only comes with attractive looks but is also long-lasting, energy-efficient, and offers high resistance against water, oil, and chemicals. Our instant assistance regarding door services is all-time available in Abu Dhabi.

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Custom Made Wooden Door

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Some pictures have been uploaded below to show off our custom-made door design and shades collection in a good way.

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Upholsteryinabudhabi team is the leading door manufacturer in UAE, and our primary aim is to offer high-class instant services with an affordable price sticker. The professional team of our platform knows expert ways to provide instant wooden door Dubai fixation service. Our spotlighted services are mentioned to let you know about our efforts.

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Our enthusiastic team claims that you can not get such an instant and expert custom made wooden door repair service at affordable rates anywhere except our brand. Wood is a natural substance that can get damaged easily if not get a proper maintenance routine. A wooden gate Dubai is not water resistant and demands care to keep its luxurious looks intact.

Our regular customers always appreciate us because we offer top-quality products at such attractive wooden door prices in UAE, have a look below to know our brand.

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Our Quality Custom Made Wooden Door In Dubai

Call our experts and tell them your requirements with perfect statistics to have a proper-fit custom made aesthetic wooden design door with a durability factor.

Stylish Customized Wooden Doors

We Offer Customized Wooden Main Door Designs In UAE

Our wooden main door designs include bifold, hollow core, aesthetics, modern, sliding, framed, and braces luxurious designs to elevate your interior module.


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You can approach our experts anytime you require our incredible wooden and PVC  folding doors services. The main advantages of our doors are highlighted below.

Luxurious Shade Options

Our brand always launches a trend-setter shade range so you can enjoy more benefits in the entire United Arab Emirates.

Low-Maintenance Requirements

Our custom-made wooden doors are styled with a protective coat that offers high resistance against water, oil, stains, scratch marks, and chemicals.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The only best way to repair a cracked timber door is to use a wood filler; the other DIY methods may ultimately damage your door. Avoid chemical-containing cleaners and shiners because they damage the entire layer in the long run.

The doors are made to offer complete security, and the oldest way to style your buildings is with functional wooden design doors. The primary reason is their aesthetic range of designs that no other door can offer.

Wood is a naturally porous material, and water can penetrate pores and make them swell. Regain wood’s natural look after this much mess is impossible. It is a hundred points necessary to secure your door with a protective layer at the time of installation, so it lasts long.

Our reliable doors can stay intact even after fifty to seventy years of age. The suggestion is to follow a proper weekly door care routine to enjoy their youthful, luxurious appearance even after years.

A scratch is easy to repair, and use a proper cleaner to get the luxurious door appearance recovered. But a crack or hole needs filling with a chemical-free filler, cardboard, foam, or a piece of wood. Paint is necessary after filling to get a uniform finishing look.

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