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Outdoor areas are usually styled with outdoor furniture Abu Dhabi to offer an extra sitting space. Our luxurious and highly functional outdoor upholstery Abu Dhabi comes with an affordable price tag to fulfill your requirements. The range of our water-proof upholstery is made on the module of new technology to ensure its durability.

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The upholstery for outdoor areas comes with a set of advantages so that you can completely get at ease. Outdoor fabrics we offer come with luxurious shades to enhance the entire theme of the place. Our enthusiastic professional team also provides expert webbing and padding services to keep your outdoor upholstery Abu Dhabi intact. Our brand offers water-resistant upholstery so it does not get damaged in heavy rain.

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Some pictures from our elegant upholstery collection have been plotted down to show off the efforts of our expert staff that works day and night in Dubai.

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We Offer Repair Services For Outdoor Upholstery in Dubai

Our team members understand that outdoor upholstery needs to be maintained in a proper way. And without a proper care routine, it starts getting damaged with harsh weather changes. We prioritize the requirements of our beloved customers and that is the only reason we have experts on our team. Our professional team knows specific expert techniques to flawlessly repair your outdoor upholstery Abu Dhabi.

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Are you searching for outdoor upholstery near me? We ensure every second availability for outdoor upholstery Abu Dhabi’s remarkable services. Visiting a shop demands proper time management, now no need to spare your hours to visit us. Instead, approach our experts for cost-effective upholstery service in Dubai. We also provide repair service for outdoor furniture Abu Dhabi upholstery at your door.

Here is a list of our services that you can book online in the entire region of the United Arab Emirates within a reasonable price limit.

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We Provide A Range Of Outdoor Fabrics For Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Our outdoor upholstery fabric comes in endless texture options to offer maximum functionality and decoration to your place in the UAE.

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Our Top-Notch Quality Customized Upholstery

Reach out to our experts to get custom-made upholstery. Choose a waterproof outdoor fabric with a desired pattern to elevate your outdoor area theme.


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Our outdoor upholstery brand is getting awards in the United Arab Emirates and the primary reason for these achievements is our expert staff and satisfied customers.

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We claim that you can not get such high-quality upholstery Abu Dhabi services with a more reasonable price limit than our price tags.

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You can now book our instant price-effective Outdoor upholstery Abu Dhabi services with a single tap in the entire region of Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Special upholstery fabrics have been designed to introduce in an outdoor area. These fabrics would not get damaged from extreme weather changes because they are protected with a protective coating layer.

It is better to use a thick fabric texture because their threads are closely packed together. Because of such a confined structure, these fabrics do not catch dirt particles and also they don’t let their dye fade.

It is better to book reupholster service to reattain the luxurious looks of your outdoor couch. But, if you know expert techniques, try it yourself with a chance that you might make it worse instead of repairing it.

The best feature we consider is this upholstery range can resist water and chemicals that mind-bogglingly keep it last longer than the other upholstery types. Except this, their sufficient depth allows a comfortable sitting space.

The perfect outdoor upholstery fabric is designed to resist dust particles and hence does not look dirty with time. This fabric type attains an important edge of water resistance it is coated with a protective layer.

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