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Sofa bears extended weight stays and hence got damaged with time. We provide expert sofa foam replacement services at reasonable prices. Our luxurious sofa upholstery foams are highly functional with the modern technology model that offers sufficient depth required for a comfortable sitting posture. Feel free to approach us online with only a click instantly.

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We understand that the upholstery foam gets damaged because it bears heavy weight constantly. That’s why we offer fast and cheap sofa foam replacement services in the entire region of UAE. Our remarkable services add life to your furniture with no compromise on appearance. We throw seasonal discount offers on our upholstery assistance to meet your requirements. The price structure we demand is so attractively reasonable.

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Our professionals have completed thousands of projects, and all were up to the mark. Have a look at the pictures of the projects uploaded below.

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Our passionate team expertly does their assigned tasks to make you satisfied with our remarkable upholstery services, including the replacement of foam for sofa beds Abu Dhabi. You can easily approach us while sitting at your place by clicking a single request button on our official website. The range of services we offer for sofa foam replacement is highlighted below so that you get exposure.

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No need to search for the best sofa foam replacement near me; we are the leading upholstery foam supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & UAE. The most highlighted service of our brand is every-time availability. You can approach us anytime to hire our experts for quick and best sofa foam. We take care of the quality and always demand an affordable change range to prioritize the needs of our customers.

The feature list of our Custom Made sofa Abu Dhabi upholstery foam is placed below to show off that our foams are highly functional.

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You send a request to our official website, and our experts operate it with an instant reply or call back. We offer highly functional sofa foam that is built on the advanced model.

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We are the award-winning upholstery foam suppliers in UAE. All the credit for these achievements goes to our passionate staff for doing hard work and regular customers for trusting in us.


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Upholsteryinabudhabi is the leading upholstery brand in Abu Dhabi that is getting hyped for its price format, and high-quality foams, two main features of their foams are listed below.

Advanced Model

Our upholstery foam is designed by keeping in mind the modern technology of foam creation so you can enjoy a comfortable posture.

High Quality

We assure you about the quality of the foams we offer; they are designed to stay longer and offer sufficient depth to relax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are here to offer expert replacement services for your sofa foams in the entire United Arab Emirates. Moreover, our sofa foams are of the best quality and stay longer.

The foam with enough depth for sitting is highly recommended because its advanced technology structure offers a comfortable sitting area.

The foam density determines its survival rate, the range of density is from one to three points, and the higher the density point is, the longer the foam will stay.

Velvet is on the board because people usually select a thick fabric with a closely packed thread structure to style their sofa sets. Velvet, linen, polyester, cotton, and leather are no less in providing luxurious sofa styling.

An upholstery foam should offer a cushioning effect; therefore, a minimal thickness of fifty-five millimeters is necessary. You can get sofa foams with the required measurements.

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