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When it comes to creating a welcoming space, floor pillows are a must-have addition to any home in Abu Dhabi. These are suitable for sitting, enhanced comfort, and lumbar support; you can get them within a budget-friendly range in Abu Dhabi. We offer cushions online with minimalist designs, vibrant hues, and intricate patterns to style any place.

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Get Durable & Easy-to-Maintain Floor Cushions UAE

An Extensive range of our floor pillows comes with various fabric texture types and foams. We have also a set of trendy patterns and attractive shades to elevate the interior module. When it comes to its construction, each cushion is made from durable materials that are built to withstand regular use and maintain their shape for years to come. Our team also designed them to be easily cleaned, with removable cushion covers that can be washed or replaced easily, ensuring fresh seating options.

Amazing Floor Cushions
Sofa Foam

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Showcasing Our Endless Range Of Sitting Cushions

Our brand’s catalog is placed below to show off our collection of floor Pillows; send us a request to get our remarkable services now.

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Our Incredible Cushions Services In Abu Dhabi

Create an attractive decor idea with our cost-effective floor cushion services in the entire region of Abu Dhabi. We also provide our service online, so you can get a good experience without visiting our store for cushions shopping. Some prominent services of our brand are bulleted down, so you get a glance.

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Get Our Luxurious And Highly-Functional Floor Cushion Couch

The cushions UAE of our brand not only act as a decorative element to the interior theme of your place but are highly functional. These floor cushions Dubai are designed to manage a plush sitting space on your floor without interrupting the luxurious interior theme. They are foamy and hence add enough warmth to the place.

Some high-notch features/ advantages of our good floor cushion couch are written below to show off our floor product’s functionality.

Plush Sitting Space

Luxurious Interior addition

Add Warmth To The Place

Attractive Floor Appearance

Additional Sitting Space

Transform Area

Call to ask any questions: +971506181310

Floor Cushions in Dubai

Highlighted Services

We Offer Custom Floor Cushions In Abu Dhabi

Send us a request for a customized floor cushion at your doorsill with your choice’s fabric texture and pattern.

Versatile Floor Cushions

We Are A Top-Notch Floor Pillows UAE Brand

Upholstery In Abu Dhabi offer the best quality floor seat services at a reasonable price limit in the entire area of the United Arab Emirates.


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Our professionals claim that it is impossible to get such incredible quality outdoor floor cushions at a friendly price range anywhere other than our brand in the entire UAE.

All-Time Availability

Our experts are all hours available so that you can enjoy our endless floor pillows UAE service instantly whenever you require them.

Free Samples And Catalog

We always remember to pack a free catalog with your orders. Send us a request to get free catalogs and required samples of our products right at your doorsill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Floor cushions are designed to lay on the floor and add perfect additional sitting space to your floor that you can utilize when having a get-together of more than expected visitors. They are the perfect floor addition to use your space wisely.

You can place it in any room, but it is better to get it in your living rooms and drawing rooms because they require extra sitting area whenever it is crowded with guests.

You should always consider some factors while buying a cushion for your floor. The foam should be comfortable, the cover should match the interior theme of your place, and it should be cost-effective.

Yes, traditional floor pillows add a sitting place to an event, modern cushions elevate the modern interior look, and fluffy cushion seats create a plush environment.

We can use cotton, foam, polyester, and beans to fill our floor sitting cushions to get a perfect sitting space. Our floor seats usually contain foams, but you can get a customized floor seat from us with a reasonable price sticker for your place.

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