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Upholstery In Abu Dhabi has come up with another remarkable treatment for decor improvement which is Headboard Upholstery Abu Dhabi. This amazing service is available for both new and old bed headboards and you can create your dream bedroom decors with us. Explore our platform or visit our outlet today to explore the latest options in this regard.


Magical Upgrades

Beautify Your Bedding With Our Headboard Upholstery

Are you tired of the boring look of your bed? Get it revived in mind-blowing ways with our upholstering and reupholstering services. We stock a huge range of luxurious yet heavy-duty fabrics to give the most attractive makeovers to all kinds of headboards. Other than new pieces, you can also get our efficient services for old upholstered bed headboards.

Amazing Headboard Upholstery Abu Dhabi
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Bed Headboard Upholstery Styling Choices 2024

Explore our recent projects and get amazing inspiration and ideas for your next bedding upgrade treatments.

Endless Benefits

Reasons For Getting Our Upholstery Services For Your Bedheads

Our headboard Dubai Upholstery skill set is meant to make your beds ideally comfortable, cozy, and attractive. This servicing will not just make your bedrooms ideally welcoming but will also offer you plenty of health and wellness benefits, improved productivity, and the most perfect posture support. Not to mention that this also works as a styling job with which you can give your bed a personalized look for 100% satisfaction.

Comfort & Support Enhancement

Wall Protection & Concealing

Noise Reduction & Insulation

Built-in Storage & Shelving

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Customization Facilities

Enjoy Improved Decors With Our Custom Headboard Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Both our old headboard revival and new headboard designing services will help you make the most out of your investment. Other than predefined options, you can also get all kinds of upholstery and fabrication customizations from us and enjoy having a bed that’s built right according to your taste. This way, you won’t have to compromise on the designs of new headboards and can also restore the previous ones with your desired touches.

We also offer the addition of many amazing features.

Get Fabric Samples Free Of Cost

Personalize Prints, Colors And Patterns

Have Efficient And Long-lasting Repair Jobs

Freshen Up Your Beddings On A Budget

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Enjoy Ease Of Maintenance

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Stylish Headboard Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Versatile Fabric Collections

Broad Fabric Options Available For Headboard Treatments 

We provide the finest-grade Cotton, Linen, Velvet, Silk, Leather, Chenille, Leatherette, Polyester, And Microfiber along with multiple synthetic blends for added serviceability and benefits.

Headboard Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Hard-wearing Treatments For Performance & Protection 

We offer specialized stain-resistant, UV-proof, wrinkle-resistant, dust-proof, moisture-repellent, and pet-friendly coatings and additions for upholstering fabrics, in addition to hypoallergenic choices as well.


Classic Patterns


Modern Designs

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Why Choose Us?

Upholstery In Abu Dhabi is the most trustworthy furniture specialist in Abu Dhabi where you can get the smartest solutions for improving the comfort and visual interest of your places.

Luxurious Looks

Our headboard upholstery fabrics instantly transform the look of both new and old pieces and you can create the most deluxe bedroom looks with this treatment.

Helpful Additions

We offer a range of favorable features and modifications for bed headboards such as detachable parts, freestanding options, wingback, platform and nailhead styles, storage, and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most important factors to consider in this regard include size, height, style, material, and thickness of the headboard. Moreover, the color, as well as texture of your chosen headboard, must sync well with the existing theme of your bedroom. Additionally, you can consider storage options.

Upholstered headboards can be somewhat difficult to clean, as they are more likely to get stained or marked than wooden or metal ones. However, if you invest in good material and ensure cleaning it properly and regularly, you can easily retain its beauty and comfort for longer periods.

Upholstered headboards offer an exceptional level of comfort, safety, and back support and they can also help with making the bed warm and cozy. Moreover, they are supremely attractive to look at and give a luxurious look to bedrooms. They help with prolonged seating, working, and/or watching.

Hardwoods are the best choice when it comes to upholstered headboards because they are extremely durable and heavy-duty as well. The most popular hardwood options are Oak, Teak, Maple, Mahogany, and Ash. But, if moisture resistance is your preference, you should consider plywood.

No upholstered bed headboards do not tend to be bad for allergies if they are kept clean and well-maintained. Besides, one should make mindful fabric choices for headboard upholstery in case of allergies or similar concerns. The best options are cotton, linen, chenille, microfiber, and velvet.

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