10 Tips & Tricks For Cleaning And Maintaining Sofa

A sofa is the most important furniture piece that adds comfort and high aesthetic value to your living spaces. As a prominent element of your seating area, it needs proper cleaning and maintenance for maximum longevity. Nearly all the fabrics used to upholster and cover sofas are prone to dust accumulation and staining.

In this article, Upholstery In Abu Dhabi has come up with valuable tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining a sofa. From addressing stains to removing nasty odors, our DIY strategies will help you in keeping your sofa durable and clean. By following these tips, you can easily clean and maintain your sofa efficiently at home in a very short time.

Top 10 Sofa Cleaning & Maintenance Tips | A Perfect Idea

To keep the sofa maintained and cleaned, you need to follow some basic tips and strategies. Furthermore, we have also mentioned several tips on how you can protect your sofa surface from dust, stains, sun and pet damage, and wear and tear.

1- Vacuum Your Sofa Regularly

Vacuum Your Sofa Regularly

To avoid dust or dirt accumulation on the surface, you need to vacuum your sofa regularly with a high-power vacuum cleaner. That’s because the upholstered sofa surface and cushions usually absorb dust, dirt, or grime particles in their layers. And regular vacuuming and dusting can help with the removal of dust particles from these layers. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can also utilize a soft microfiber cloth for wiping.

2- Immediately Spot Clean The Stains

Immediately Spot Clean The Stains

If you find any type of stains on the sofa surface, you should address them promptly to avoid their scattering. These stains can also affect the rest of the sofa surface due to their fast spreading. Use a mild detergent and clean absorbent cloth to soak up stains from the surface. Avoid rubbing the cloth on stained areas because it can lead to their spreading into the layers of fabric.

3- Rotate Or Flip Cushions Regularly

Rotate Or Flip Cushions Regularly

To keep the surface of the cushions clean and dust-free, you need to rotate them regularly. If your sofa cushions remain in the same position, the exposed surface gets more dirt and stains as compared to the hidden one. As per usage frequency, you should also flip the cushions from right to left or left to right at regular intervals. By following this simple tip, you can easily enhance the longevity of your sofa cushions and retain their comfort.

4- Avoid Exposure To Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight for a long time can lead to fading or discoloration of the sofa upholstery or cushions covering. In addition, the harsh sunlight also makes upholstery fibers fragile. Therefore, always keep your sofas in an area away from direct sunlight. If you can’t do this, install high-quality protective curtains or coverings next to windows for complete protection from harmful UV rays and heat.

5- Protect Your Sofas From Pets Claws

Protect Your Sofas From Pets Claws

Most people are fond of keeping pets around them due to multiple reasons. But pets can be a great threat to sofa upholstery or cushion covers. Their sharp claws can scratch the sofa surface while they play or sit on the sofa. So to keep your sofa safe from pets, you need to trim their claws or nails regularly. Aside from this, pets’ hair or dander can also accumulate on sofa fabric which can cause the development of allergens, so it’s important to perform cleanups immediately.

6- Keep Tags Attached To Sofa

Keep Tags Attached To Sofa

A maintenance instructive tag usually comes with upholstered sofas which contains important instructions related to maintenance and cleaning. Always keep this tag attached to the sofa set to know about the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance strategies. Whenever you have a plan to repair or clean sofa upholstery, always read the instructions carefully before any step.

7- Hire A Professional Cleaner

Hire A Professional Cleaner

For deep sofa cleaning, you need to hire a professional cleaner after 1-2 years. During regular dusting or cleaning, you miss a lot of hidden points that must be cleaned for maximum hygiene and durability. These areas can only be cleaned with professional deep cleaning techniques. A professional cleaner utilizes special cleaning materials, innovative tools such as hot water extraction methods to retain the sofa’s look.

8- Review Sofa Support System

Aside from regular cleaning, you should also analyze the sofa support system which includes its legs, frame, composite splint, webbing, spine material, springs, or foam. You should check the density of the foam, leg joints, and spring friction to keep the sofa functional. And if you find any issue in these elements, you should consult with a professional for the best repair.

9- Use Seats Covers & Armrests

Use Seats Covers & Armrests

To prevent your sofa from dust and staining, you should also cover the seats and armrests. There are more chances of dust accumulation or staining on the uncovered sofa surface due to its maximum use. The sofas placed in a living room are extensively used for seating and hosting guests. Therefore, living room sofas must be covered with durable and dust, stain, and scratch-resistant covers to keep their surfaces clean and stain-free.

10- No Rough Use Or Jumping

No Rough Use Or Jumping

Sofas are generally manufactured for sitting purposes, not for bouncing, jumping, or rough use. These activities can reduce the lifespan of your sofa by damaging the spring, mattresses, supportive legs, or webbing. So always encourage family members or guests, particularly kids to avoid such activities while sitting on the sofa.

Final Words!

To wind up this guide full of effective cleaning tips and tricks, we can say that the sofa requires proper cleaning and maintenance for maximum durability and aesthetics. To assist you in your sofa cleaning and maintenance journey, Upholstery In Abu Dhabi has enlisted the 10 most valuable tips and tricks. If you’re passionate about keeping your sofa maintained, you should focus on these strategies that require minimal effort and time.

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